Circulars No 293

To All Authorities and Airlines operating at Kuwait international Airport:

For the purpose of enhancing safety and security of passengers, the Directorate General of civil Aviation (DGCA) in coordination with Department of Airport security, ministry of Interior is in the process of applying a new (ICAO) security measure related to the limitation of the allowable quantity of Liquids, Aerosols and Gels That can be carried onboard the Aircraft by all passengers Travelling from Kuwait International Airport.

- Implementation of this security measure will be effective (01/01/2008) with the following procedures :

  1. Passengers are only allowed to carry onboard a limited quantity of Liquids, Aerosols and gels in containers that do not exceed the capacity of one hundred Milliliter (100ML) each.

  2. Each container shall not exceed the capacity of one hundred milliliter (100ML) even if partially full.

  3. Those containers shall be placed in a designated security tampered evident bags provided by the Airport Authority. The capacity of the bags shall not exceed one liter (20cm x 20cm in size) and must be securily resealable.  

  4. Each passenger is allowed to carry only one bag and must be separately presented at the security check point. 

  5. The items within the bag will be subjected to all types of security screening including random hand search of passengers and their belongings.   

  6. Flight crew members and staff who are required to perform their duties (in uniform) are exempted from the above measures while on duty at the day of travel. 

  7. Exempts from these security measures are prescription medicines, infant food, milk and formulas, health diet food with reasonable quantities required for the total duration of the flight taking into consideration the possibilities of flight delays or diversions. In any case the carriage of the above items onboard the aircraft shall be subject to security staff assessment. Moreover, passengers with such items are required to show official proofs of the necessity for these items upon request . 

  8. all Liquids, Areosoles and Gels that are purchased from duty free sale points at the Airport or from onboard the Aircraft are permitted through transit check points provided that they are placed in appropriate transparent security evident tampered bags marked with the name of the  country or airport of origin and/or airline and tagged prominently with the purchase invoice.

  9. The DGCA reserves the right to reconsider or apply more strict measures towards the carriage of Liquids, AeroSoles and Gels including the sales of such items at duty free points and onboard the aircraft.


For more information, please call Kuwait Airport Management at
Tel No :+965 4744627
Fax  No: +965 4766724