Passenger booking

Make sure that the name in your passport matches with that on the ticket.
Remember to confirm your reservation 72 hours prior to travel, not within 72 hours.
Non-confirmation of your reservation gives the carrier the right to cancel the reservation without any liability.
Make sure that you are at the airport two hours prior to your departure time to carry out the check-in procedure.
Making more than one reservation on the same flight may lead to cancellation of your reservation by the carrier.
The carrier may cancel your reservation if you do not purchase your ticket on time. Make sure to provide your phone number to the travel agency or carrier to inform you of any changes regarding the trip.
Should you change your mind about travelling, do inform the travel agent or carrier to cancel your reservation, so another passenger may use your seat.
The ticket prices vary according to age of the passenger.
Make sure that the seal of the travel agency in on the reservation sticker on your ticket.
 Make sure that the information on the ticket is correct such as time of departure, dates of travel, flight number, and type of reservation and flight route.
Make sure that the information on the ticket matches with that on the print out.
Do make the reservations and purchasing of the tickets from the same office to avoid the possibility of cancelling your reservation.

Group trips

Do not forget that DGCA is always at your service and receives all complaints concerning your flights.

Group trips are those trips with prices that include airfare, accommodations and sight seeing trips. In the event of any violation made by your travel agency in this regard, you can submit a complaint at DGCA within 30 days from arriving date along with all documents and papers proving your rights.
Make sure that the travel agency organizing your trip has the approval of DGCA.
Make sure to have a contract between you and the travel agency to safeguard your rights, thus, read carefully before signing.
Ask for information booklets regarding the hotels to make sure about the hotel standards.
 Read details of the trip program before signing the contract.
Make sure to ask the carrier whether the trip is direct or has stopovers (Transit) before reaching the final destination. 

Passenger luggage

You are allowed to carry only one cabin luggage piece. Dimensions of which should not exceed 115 cm sq and should not weight more than 5kg.
First class passengers are allowed 40 kg of luggage free of charge, business class 30 kg and economy 20 kg respectively.
 Passengers traveling to Canada and USA or coming from there are allowed two registered pieces provided that each piece does not exceed 158 cm sq and weights no more the 32 kg.
If your luggage is lost, then make sure that you file a claim before leaving the customs hall.
It is better to insure your valuables when you carry them in your luggage to make sure that you receive sufficient compensation in case of loss, because companyís compensations are limited according to international laws.

General instructions

Make sure to comply with all government rules & regulations regarding the country you wish to visit.
Make sure a valid visa to the country you intend to visit is obtained.
when arriving to the hotel agreed upon with the travel agency and you found out that there is no reservation under your name, you must obtain a written statement and it must bear the hotelís seal.
Make sure that you keep all documents related to the trip (receipt, contract & tickets) to guarantee all your rights.
Too many well-wishers to bid you farewell or awaiting your arrival may cause crowding at the airport hall and this may hamper the job performance there.
Should you face any problem at the Kuwait International Airport, do not hesitate to see the airport Superintendent on duty at DGCA to take necessary action.
The airport is a civilized front of the country, therefore, preserving the airport facilities, is part of a civilized behavior and also patriotic duty.

Standing in queues to process your traveling procedures is important.

Using the luggage trolleys properly will help to maintain these devices.

Make sure to stand in front of the check-in counter designated for your trip.
If you see strange objects or unattended luggage, make sure to inform the airport security or authority.

If you have any questions, please call the aviation market on the following phone numbers :

Tel: 4719973

Tel: 180  ext : 1415 \ 1417 \ 1445 \ 1447